Mattie McGrath -

    Your Independent TD for Tipperary South/West Waterford

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The Open Door

In days gone by the open door was seen as a sign of welcome. Since being elected to Dáil Eireann in 2007 I have operated an open door policy by making myself available at all times to my constituents and welcomed the opportunity to help them with various issues. I am thankful to have met with and worked with many wonderful people and organisations throughout the constituency. I have tried to articulate their concerns at local and national level.

If you feel that I can be of any assistance to you please do not hesitate to contact me.




Mattie lives with his wife Margaret and their 8 children in Newcastle where he established a small plant hire business shortly after leaving school in 1975. He has over 30 years active involvement in local community affairs. Mattie became a member of South Tipperary County Council in 1990 and was chairman of the Council in 2004. He has been involved with many local and National voluntary organisations including Muintir na Tire,
the Irish Council for Social Housing and Ring-a-Link rural transport. He also served on the VEC for a number of years Since being elected to the Dáil in 2007 he has worked hard both locally and nationally and is not afraid to speak his mind on issues when the need arises. He continues to work closely with the people and organisations on the ground and is always available to work with all sectors of the community by offering his assistance and support.

National Policy Priorities for Mattie include:
  • Creation and retention of jobs by cutting out bureaucracy and red tape
  • A high level of investment in our health and education systems at all levels
  • Support for the most vulnerable sections of our society with a strong emphasis on those of all ages with special needs.
  • Support for our carers and their support organisations and the implementation of the National Carers Strategy.
  • Implementation of a maximum wage
  • Bankers/regulators who have flouted the law must be brought before the courts.
  • Full accountability and transparency to underpin spending of taxpayers money
  • Development and maintenance of the agricultural sector to its full potential
  • Restoration of the spirit of rural Ireland
  • Urgently putting in place measures to assist people with issues of mortgage arrears, negative equity and excessive personal debt.
  • Referendum on judges’ pay.



South Tipperary/West Waterford priorities:

  • Continue my strong stance on the retention of all services at South Tipperary General Hospital
  • Job creation and retention
  • Supporting local employment by maintaining Corporation tax at the current rate
  • Investment in South Tipp’s educational facilities at all levels.
  • Ensure that every possible support is given to our community/voluntary and sporting groups
  • Promoting a sustainable approach to future planning
  • Supporting the agricultural sector by reducing red tape/bureaucracy, retaining Disadvantaged Area Payments, protecting the Single Farm Payment support system and ensuring that any new climate change legislation takes Irish conditions into account
  • Foster and support small and medium businesses in the constituency
  • Continue to provide, along with my staff, a professional service through my constituency offices.


Dáil Committees:
I have served on three important Joint Oireachtas Committees since 2007 namely, the Agriculture and Food, Communications, Energy and Natural Resources and Social and Family A?airs Committee. The work carried out by these committees is vital to the development of national policies in these critical areas.

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